Puppy School Maidenhead

Puppy School is a 6-week course for vaccinated puppies under 20 weeks old.

This comprehensive course has been carefully designed to take you through all the essential early training for your puppy to give them a super start! All training techniques are modern and reward-based, my classes are relaxed and fun for you and your puppy. Each weekly class is 1 hour long and classes are kept small to ensure individual attention. Classes are held inside.

Please discuss your pup’s vaccination status and class attendance with your vet. 

The course that begins on Saturday 4th June at 1:30pm is now open for bookings, to book your pup’s place on the June course please use this link:

The 6-week course costs £150 (plus £2 online booking fee) and comes with a voucher from Natures Menu, free treats before you begin the course, a booklet to support your training between classes, more free treats on week 1 of the course and useful information on play biting, house training, learning to be alone and more!

If your puppy is over 20 weeks old you might like to consider my group classes or one to one training. 

Puppy School Maidenhead

During the course you will learn how to teach your puppy:

To come when you call
To walk on their lead without pulling
To greet people without jumping up
To sit, lie down and stand when asked
To wait or stay
To settle and relax
To take treats gently from your hand
Not to guard their food bowl, toys and chews
How to play with toys properly and not play bite you
To socialise with adults, children and the other puppies in class
To feel comfortable being handled and examined by you and also in preparation for the vet and groomer

Puppy School extras

Puppy School is sponsored by Natures Menu and all attendees receive:
  • a Puppy School training booklet to support you each week
  • 60g Chicken Real Meaty Treats for puppies
  • £15 off Natures Menu voucher
  • please see for more information on the range of products available