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Dog Behaviour

I am currently unable to take on any new behaviour cases. Please see for an alternative clinical animal behaviourist. 

Unwanted behaviours can be challenging to live with.

My behaviour management and modification plans are evidence-based, kind and ethical. They are designed to be as straight forward and manageable as possible.

A behaviour consultation determines the cause of the unwanted behaviour rather than just treating the symptoms. Understanding why a problem behaviour occurs is essential in overcoming the issue. I offer a range of behaviour packages to provide you with the support you need.

All techniques used are modern and reward based. 

Advice, support and guidance from an experienced, qualified and accredited trainer and clinical animal behaviourist.

Package 1

Initial consultation and assessment with written guidance and one 60-minute follow up visit

Package 2

Initial consultation and assessment with written guidance and two 60-minute follow up visits

Package 3

Initial consultation and assessment with written guidance and three 60-minute follow up visits


*60-minute follow up visits can be booked outside of the packages at £65 each. If you have behaviour cover within your pet insurance policy you may be able to claim the cost of a behaviour consultation, please check with your provider. 



A behaviour consultation can help address a variety of complex issues including:

Aggression towards other dogs, animals or people
Excessive barking
Repetitive behaviours
Separation related problems
Sound sensitivity around fireworks, thunder and other loud noises
Inappropriate chasing of wildlife, joggers, cyclists

What to expect

1. A friendly, professional service

A behaviour consultation is nothing to be concerned about, it is the first step in supporting you and your dog in overcoming the unwanted behaviour/s you are experiencing. My behaviour management and modification plans are kind, ethical and designed to be as straight forward and manageable as possible. 

2. Vet Check

I work on veterinary referral for behaviour issues, which means your dog needs to be fully health checked by your vet prior to the consultation taking place. A full veterinary health check is essential to rule out any underlying medical conditions that may be causing or contributing to the unwanted behaviour you are experiencing with your dog. A tailored behaviour modification plan can help many dogs; often veterinary support and treatment is also required to reduce anxiety or pain to support the behaviour change. 

3. Questionnaire

A pre-consultation questionnaire will be sent to you for completion in advance of the consultation, the questionnaire will be discussed in detail during the initial consultation. All information provided before, during and after the consultation will be kept securely and treated as private and confidential.

4. Initial Consultation

The initial consultation takes place within your home or over an online video call, we discuss the information provided on the questionnaire, your dog’s medical history, a behaviour assessment will be made and the initial behaviour management and modification plan will be discussed. The initial consultation is approximately 2 hours long.

5. Written guidance

After the initial consultation, you will receive written guidance detailing the behaviour management and modification plan and the next steps.


Important information

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they follow the advice provided and use the training and behaviour modification techniques recommended. Training and behaviour issues require time, collaboration, commitment and adherence to the training and behaviour plan. Reward-based training and behaviour modification takes time and requires changes to your habits and routines.

Before booking an appointment, please ensure you are ready to undertake the changes that will be required in supporting your dog’s behaviour management and modification plan. It is the client’s responsibility to follow up with and maintain contact with Faye after the consultation (via phone or email) to provide updates on progress.


Behaviour consultations and follow up visits are currently not available. Please see for an alternative Clinical Animal Behaviourist.